About Kelly

santa rosa interior designer

Kelly Bracewell is a Santa Rosa interior designer whose Sonoma County upbringing is evident in her sensitivities to materials, colors and forms that are abundant in the wine country.

Kelly found herself organically drawn to design, color, and unique furnishings from a young age. Her natural tendency in design was called to her attention by the architects, contractors and designers she was working with while building a custom home in the wine country of Sonoma County over two decades ago.

Choosing to go back to school for her design degree through New York Institute of Art and Design, Kelly has been designing ever since.

Kelly began the company, By Design in 2001. She chose to start the company to offer her clients personal, professional, and efficient avenues towards their design needs and holds true with this attitude.

Contact Kelly Bracewell at (707) 843-5300 to learn more.