Kelly has been a tremendous interior designer to work with.

“We have done several interesting projects over the past few years and she is consistently creative, attentive and flexible. Kelly has an excellent approach in bringing appealing options to the table, guiding owners through the process and always carrying a positive attitude and adding an upbeat atmosphere to meetings and decision making sessions. She is a good listener and is willing to mold her ideas to fit the project and the needs and ideas of all involved. I would recommend her highly.”

- Ken Lafranchi, Architect

Kelly offers her clients a laid-back comfort in an up-tempo setting.

“Kelly pulls all the pieces together: paint, fabric, texture, space, color and materials to create a one of a kind design.”

- Linda Barr, Redwood Empire Vineyard Management

Kelly is the perfect decorator.

“I have known Kelly Gutsch for over 12 years and when I decided to remodel my home in Santa Rosa five years ago I asked if she would be available for the project. I still consider myself extremely fortunate to have had her expertise for the remodel. First and foremost she is delightful to work with. She is upbeat and bright and definitely knows her stuff when it comes to everything decorating. In addition she understands and addresses the construction details of a project, something that very few designers either understand or fully address in their work. She is very professional and cost conscious. To that end she often works with the same subcontractors and these artisans, with whom she has developed long standing relationships, do outstanding work and behave in an honest and ethical manner. Even though I was doing a very extensive remodel I had a strict budget. Kelly guided me in a way that respected the boundaries of my budget while occasionally splurging on certain items that made the entire project “pop” elevating the quality of the final product.

Two years ago I decided to remodel our ranch house in Mendocino county and again Kelly helped me as decorator, and I could not be more thrilled with the outcome. Kelly’s creative ideas, eye for color and overall stewarding of the project were absolutely necessary to realize the amazing results that I was seeking and achieved.

She is able to incorporate the best of what the client wants as well as the client’s taste and color preferences into the final product which is both professional and reflective of the homeowner. She understands the bottom line and is respectful of the budget. Ultimately she is a ray of sunshine and a pleasure to work with even during the stress of remodeling. I am confident that if you are fortunate enough to employ Kelly you will be thrilled with her and the work that you undertake.”

- Lisa Weger

Contact Kelly Gutsch at By Design at (707) 843-5300.

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